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How does it work?

Test flight: try it free for 30 days, no strings attached

Fully enjoy all of Atoka Pocket features for 30 days, for free. It comes with 60 credits you can spend however you feel like: get contact information of your next customer, study shareholders or the holding the company you are interested in belongs to and so much more. During the trial decide whether to continue on a paid plan or get back on the free one: no strings attached.

Make your business skyrocket

Filter companies by legal name, VAT number, web site, email address and much more. Browse through the most relevant results and spend your subscription credits to unlock additional company information and other related content. Monitor the status of all of your dealings, manage customer and supplier contacts: seize the power of data to grow your business.

Find your next customer

Get the most up-to-date and complete information on all of the Italian companies, never miss an update again and always stay ahead of the competition.

Forget about data entry and stay focused on your mission

Concentrate on hitting your goals and let Atoka Pocket take care of the data. Focus your saved energy on enhancing your sales processes with the aid of state of the art AI tools and with the new sales funnel. Manage and monitor all of your deals, from first contact to closing.

Unlock additional information

  • Extend your companies database
  • Go deeper unlocking additional data
  • Discover contacts and secondary locations
  • Have a look at shareholders and group data
  • Analyze the financial performances
  • Download an official visura camerale
  • Receive additional content via email in PDF format