Atoka for B2B marketing professionals

Leverage Atoka's clean and fresh data, rich market insights, and powerful search filters to 
build effective marketing lists in no time.

Put your leads in context

Your goal is to bring qualified leads to the sales team – remember that a pipeline that works is built on reliable and constantly updated data. 

Atoka allows you to get to know your leads better: you can collect information about the sector in which they operate and monitor their activities. Focus on the ones that really matter, identify and engage with the right contacts at the right time.

Filter & Sort by industry, headcount, revenue, location, keywords, technologies, growth and many other data points.

Strategic Marketing

Take faster and more accurate data-driven decisions using several analytical tools combined in a single solution.

Gain a deeper understanding of your competitive arena, develop an in-depth knowledge of the sector you work in and keep an eye on recent trends.

Analyse industry sectors using Atoka's company website searches and semantic keywords to identify new players, specific sub-sectors and emerging clusters that cannot be found using traditional classifications such as SIC or NACE codes.

Build precisely targeted lists to setup highly personalized marketing campaigns.

Use Atoka to translate marketing strategies into concrete actions.

Segment your targets better and enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns using data on the organisation, the business, financial performance and web activity that is always up to date.

Power up your in-bound web and email campaigns with quality contextual data to better qualify leads.




Simple yet powerful filters that allow you to easily find the companies you are looking for.

It's like your favourite web search engine, without all the noise that comes from non-corporate websites. Search for specific products or use advanced queries to monitor exactly what you want.

Advanced semantic technology to let you go beyond the limits of SIC/NACE code classifications and find exactly what you're looking for.




Stay on top of your prospects media mentions and their Social Media outlets to find relevant and fruitful conversation openers.

Assess the financial health of your competitors, customers or suppliers, monitoring their latest turnover figures and changes between periods.

Be relevant right from the start and increase the conversion rate of your pipeline by talking to the right contact at the right time.

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