Every day the best data to develop your business.

Atoka processes the Big Data of Italian companies with the mathematical algorithms of Machine Learning. A search engine designed for the corporate world, free from the noise generated by superfluous content.

From Cerved

+6 mln companies

Updated official data

+13 mln contacts

Members and persons on boards of directors

From Web

+1,2 mln websites

Corporate websites

+500 mln web pages

Web pages on corporate websites

90,000 flows

Coming from corporate social media channels

+700 news sources

Over 15,000 news items analyzed daily

Data Quality

Every week all the updates under control.

There are more than 200,000 weekly variations detected by Atoka each week.

Company personal data

  • VAT number
  • Tax code
  • Atoka ID
  • Company name
  • Legal form
  • Street address
  • Municipality
  • State/Province
  • Region
  • Geographical area
  • ATECO Code
  • ATECO code description
  • Operative (YES/NO)
  • Activity start date
  • Start-up


  • Generic emails
  • Corporate Email
  • Headquarters and branch telephones
  • Fax

Economic data

  • Revenues
  • Revenue trend
  • Number of employees


  • Company Description
  • Company Logo
  • Company websites
  • Keywords
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Blog

Contracts and tenders

  • Participation in races not won
  • Tenders awarded (coming soon)
  • European research projects (coming soon)
  • Territorial cohesion projects (coming soon)
  • Open Data

Local units

  • Detail of Local Units (address and type)
  • Operational status for UL

Public Administration

  • Public administrations
  • Companies in the consolidated profit and loss account
  • National Social Security and Welfare Institutions in the consolidated income statement
  • Public service providers
  • Open Data


  • ECommerce Platforms
  • CMS Platforms
  • Payment Systems (coming soon)


  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Position (official)
  • Role (unofficial)
  • Position (official) in other companies
  • Shareholding in other companies
  • Role (unofficial) in other companies

Our Technology

Analysis and organization of collected data

  • Through a weekly scan of the Italian web pages, Atoka identifies and analyzes over 600,000 companies, for a total of over 1,2 mln websites. Yes, because many companies have more than one site!
  • Crawling to discover and scan web pages
  • Search and extraction of keywords and much more

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Data Structure

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