Explore the flow of state aids received by 3 million Italian companies. Granular data on more than 15 million state aids.

The information from the National State Aid Register is added to Atoka’s information assets and is enriched with volume indicators and thematic classifications thanks to artificial intelligence.

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The role of public intervention has become crucial in terms of both supporting and directing the production system. Public funding, as substantial as never before since EU accession, has helped to cope with the serious disruption of the economy caused by the pandemic and aims, also through the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, to guide the country through the ecological and digital transition.

Analysing the flow of such aid both in terms of beneficiaries and in terms of themes and objectives is indispensable for understanding the directions of development and intercepting its benefits.

In a single add-on, Atoka offers all this detailed aid information and aggregated statistics on individual companies to add a new dimension of research and analysis.

Trend in the number of funding disbursed and its nominal amount over the last 4 years

State aids chart

Contents and objectives

Public funding promotes inclusion, employment and training support, but also provides a boost to investment in research and development, innovation and competitiveness, also in foreign markets.

The description of such funding is searchable in Atoka. For example, one can identify companies that have received aid for the Industry 4.0 paradigm, for internationalisation or for the circular transformation of their production.

Furthermore, thanks to semantic analysis algorithms, aid was classified according to 13 themes. It is therefore possible to find the companies that have benefited from a certain amount of aid in recent years that were directed towards specific topics.

Public funding description
Nominal amount and themes
Aid element and framework

Details of individual aids can be found in a dedicated tab in the company tab

Aids for internationalisation
Sustainability aid

Facilitated finance

State aid is only allowed under European law for certain cases and purposes regulated by the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.

For some classes of aid, ceilings are defined for each single recipient undertaking. This is the case for aid under the so-called De Minimis scheme.

Keeping track of the amount received by a company is indispensable for assessing the possibility of a company's access to important subsidised finance resources. In Atoka, these amounts are continuously monitored and updated for each company.

Aid element De Minimis
Details of the amounts obtained by an individual company for the various frameworks/procedures
Aid element amounts

The detail of an aid by the Guarantee Fund

Guarantee Fund


The advantages

Aid detail

delve into an individual grant at the level of time references, amounts (nominal and aid element), description and subject matter
consult constantly updated data obtained from the National State Aid Register

Information on companies

view the total number of help items received on frameworks and procedures
examine the nominal amounts on the guarantee fund over the last 5 years
find out which themes the funding received by the company is divided into
analyse the number of state aids received in the last five years

Many data access possibilities

  • access through Atoka
  • access via API for easy integration e.g. in CRM
  • access in batch mode for DB enrichment.

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