Atoka's potential extends to 20 European countries including the main Italian export markets.

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Economic and financial data

Records on 54 million companies with balance sheet and reliability indicators

Crawling the corporate web

Almost 5 million corporate websites, recognized and monitored to enrich the information profile of companies and ensure up-to-date contacts

Semantic analysis

Multilingual text comprehension algorithms extract concepts from web pages to accurately describe companies


For each country, a complete view of its production sector is available in Atoka. Navigation is guided by multiple filters on master data such as location and age, legal status, balance sheet and size data, web and social presence, and the availability of email and telephone numbers. Segmentation on the activity of companies can be performed by filtering on NACE taxonomy (statistical classification analogous to the ATECO code), on key concepts extracted from web pages, and, by text search, on the contents of these very pages. Each analysis can include reliability remarks thanks to a filter on the risk score classes.

Company search Germany

In the company tab, all the features available in the filters are recalled and contextualized, providing the tools to deepen knowledge about the activity and the business.

Company detail


Atoka not only integrates data on different European countries into one platform but also allows the user to speak their own language. The data is structured according to standards that harmonise the user’s experience and allow them to formulate a single search query valid for the different countries: for instance, NACE code for activity descriptions and Eurostat’s NUTS nomenclature of territorial statistical units are used everywhere. In addition to that, Atoka removes language barriers: keywords are provided in multiple languages and the query on website contents can be performed in the user’s preferred language; Atoka will then take care of translating into the reference language of the country being analysed.

Search translation

By knowing the legal name, an email contact or the website of a European company, all other information is just one click away! In the quick search box, you can search simultaneously on all available countries, and quickly land on the company profile.

Overlay search

All new functionalities are in addition to those already available for Italian companies and now extended to the new perimeter: saved searches, creation and export of lists, import of customer data. Atoka is the ideal platform for pursuing business expansion strategies abroad, identifying suppliers and partners, and enriching and improving the quality of information held on foreign entities.

Coming soon

The number of available countries within Atoka is continuously expanding, as are the growth opportunities for our platform users.


The benefits

A unique database

rich company profiles on more than 54 million subjects
reliability scores
alternative data from web sources
always up-to-date contacts

An all-in-one platform

Italian and foreign data integrated in the same tool
no language or domain expertise required for different countries
replicability of processes and analyses from one country to another

Many possibilities to access data

  • access via Atoka
  • access via API for easy integration e.g. in CRM
  • access in batch mode for DB enrichment.

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