Boost your business with data from Atoka

Real-time data from over 6 million Italian companies is available to you. With Atoka APIs, the corporate world becomes accessible and intuitive.

Develop new applications and supplement the ones you use with up-to-date data

With Atoka APIs, your information can boost its potential, improving efficiency and performance, whatever the industry.

Implementing Atoka APIs means giving new fuel to sales, marketing, purchasing and any other business area for efficient decision making.

With Atoka Enterprise APIs you can

  • Search for up-to-date information through our search API

  • Perform complex queries with over 100 search fields to meet any of your business needs.

  • Validate or correct the information contained in your databases.

  • Enrich your data with integrated information that you can only find with Atoka.

The solidity of official data from Cerved Group at your disposal

Always integrated data with Atoka's innovative Big Data infrastructure

The solidity of official data from Cerved Group at your disposal

  • Reliable and comprehensive company details: headquarters, legal form, ATECO code, date of start of activity

  • Turnover and its trend over time

  • History of the main economic and financial indicators

  • Number of employees, quarterly updated and coming from I.N.P.S. official data

  • Corporate structure, with both shareholders and shares owned by the company

  • Information on the official positions held in the company

  • Complete and geolocated addresses of all locations, including secondary sites

Always integrated data with Atoka's innovative Big Data infrastructure

  • Corporate websites and extraction of main related keywords

  • Processing of full text searches on company web pages

  • Identification of technical solutions adopted in websites such as CMS, E-Commerce, etc.

  • Contacts, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses organised by business area

  • Company presence on social networks, with historical data on the trend of followers

  • Roles listed on company web pages of people connected to the company

  • Public contracts, tenders, and participating companies from

Which APIs you can use

Company API

  • Search
  • Match
  • Details

People API

  • Search
  • Details

News API

  • Search
  • Details
  • Links and Notes

And more

  • Company annotator
  • Ateco
  • SIC Codes
  • Company type

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Always up to date

Over 200,000 variations of official data each week collected from 1,2 mln analysed websites. Over 15,000 news items studied each day, noting companies, exponents and types of content.


Official information on millions of companies verified every week in collaboration with Cerved Group, Italy's largest information provider and one of the leading rating agencies in Europe.


With the most widely used reference standards, REST architecture and JSON data format, the APIs are available immediately, in any development environment.


The Big Data infrastructure and semantic algorithms developed by SpazioDati provide Atoka with unique data that cannot be found elsewhere.

The functions most used by customers

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