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Purpose of the site

The Site is intended to provide information about some services that users can use through it. Browsing as unregistered User is limited to certain public pages. To use the services provided through the Site you must review and agree to the Terms of Use of the Services.

Intellectual and industrial property

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Users wishing to publish or reuse part of the Site content must make a special request by writing to The material in question can not be reused for any purpose, until obtaining written consent from SpazioDati. In authorizing their use, SpazioDati may result in specific limitations, as well as the use of a specific disclaimer.

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Linking and Framing

It is not allowed, without prior written permission from SpazioDati, to engage and submit the contents of the Site within another website, thus placing a so-called “Framing”. In this regard, SpazioDati reports that the breach of what has been stated above integrates the extremes of a conduct that can be pursued according to the current rules in force.

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Obligations of the Users

Each User agrees to maintain a diligent behavior in surfing the Site. In particular, each User agrees not to:

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The information contained on the Site should not be used as a single or main support to make specific decisions, they are provided for information purposes only.

The User uses the services by his own conscious choice and on the basis of the Terms of Use of the Services. Regardless of the professionalism with which it provides the content available on the Site, SpazioDati is not responsible for any damage suffered by Users and / or third parties due to the fact that the content of the published documents is confidential and therefore SpazioDati can not be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages arising out of the use of such information.

SpazioDati informs that it may at any time, in total autonomy and at its own discretion, substitute, add, modify and / or supplement the Site and / or the material contained therein as well as the technology used. As a result, SpazioDati expressly states that such activities may entail the temporary inability to access the Site and / or its content.

In this regard, SpazioDati is not responsible for any malfunction or defect of the technology used in the creation and publication of Site pages, in particular as regards the regularity of data transmission as well as the functionality of the server that hosts the pages of the Site.

Supported Browsers

The site is built in HTML 5 language and is therefore supported by the major commercial browsers.

SpazioDati will not respond if the tools used by the user do not allow access to the offered services.

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The Terms of Use is prepared in Italian and English.

Applicable Law

The Terms of Use shall be deemed to be governed solely by Italian law according to which any dispute should be resolved.