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open data and proprietary sources

Cerved's top-notch data quality and security

Atoka Enterprise packages years of experience integrating official and proprietary data. Cerved Group's undisputed market leadership is key to ensure the highest quality, most secure and up to date business information.

Your data inside Atoka

Atoka Enterprise welcomes any kind of datasource, enabling interlinking and filtering alongside the data already present in Atoka. Perimeters built on any data available in Atoka ensure that each user can access only the companies that have been assigned to them.

Shape Atoka according to your needs

No matter if the size of your team is in the 10s or in the 10.000s, Atoka data and features can be configured to fit your needs. Atoka's collaboration tools enhance your company's processes in several departments including sales, marketing, procurement and more.

Guidance and support for the integration

Atoka Enterprise is more than just data and a platform: the Atoka Advisory team will support the development and execution of your company's strategy and its operations. Get the most out of a deep integration with Atoka to power your decision-making and operational processes.

Custom tailored data and features

The Atoka development team can build integrations and customizations tailored for your organization to fit your specific use cases and needs.

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